Weekly Races

All Races start at 11:00am except for the 4th of July, which is at 1:00pm. 

As a reminder, we are using VHF radios to facilitate communication with the Head judge.  You can monitor channel 72 to stay on top of any changes.

Again in 2017, the Starting line will be closed except for starting and finishing to aid the judges. Going through otherwise is a disqualification. Download race instructions here.

New Starting Sequence in this order:   Centerboard, High DPN Fleet, Low DPN Fleet, C Fleet.  List of who is in which fleet below.

7/4/17  Great day for the 4th of July Cup race!  There were 10 boats in the Open Fleet and 2 boats in the C Fleet.  For the overall winner in the Open Fleet, it ended up being a battle between the Lantz Brothers and the Lantz father-son team with Mason and Noah Lantz finishing in front of Steve and Ethan (PLSS student) Lantz.  PLSS instructors and students took the first 3 spots on the open fleet with Even Furr coming in 3rd. In the C-Fleet, Tom Stadum finished in front of Burgums.

Open Fleet start

Open Fleet winners

Captain Fleet Boat Type B. Name/Sail #
Mason Lantz CB Laser Radial /53735
Noah Lantz CB Laser Radial /86463
Kent Deardorff CB Laser Radial /181105
PLSS CB Laser 4.7
PLSS CB Laser 4.7
Instructor boat CB Club 420
Allyn Kostecki HIGH S2 6.9 (no spin) Carpe Venum/37
Bob Leonard HIGH S2 6.9 Luna Danza/92
Deardorff HIGH RS Venture SE
Dick Chadinha HIGH Hunter 260 (no spin) Wave Dancer
John  McCroskey HIGH McGreger
Mark Hellerud HIGH Hunter 240 Fancy Dancer
John Butze HIGH Catalina 22 Elle Belle
Sebastian Sellam HIGH Catalina 22 /8888
Rhonda Loberg HIGH Catalina 22 Aldo/22
Brad Schlossman LOW   Corsair 750 Sprint Gusto
Dan Sprouls LOW   Corsair MK II  Gone Postal
Erik Wilson LOW   J70 Fly 2/612
Stan Furr LOW   Hobie Get-a-way
Paul Horstmann LOW   Hobie Get-a-way
Lantz LOW   Hobie Get-a-way
Dave Davis LOW   MC /1571
Doug Burgum C LP1
Roger Stadum C LP3
Brian Harris C BC407
Rick Burgum C LP88
Jeff Schlossman C LP2

6/25  Today's excitment had nothing to do with the races.  About 12:30, word came out that Dick Chadinha's boat had sunk.  Turns out, they were coming out to the race, forgot to fill the water ballast, wind knocked them down and flooded the cabin, sinking the boat.  Fortunately no one was hurt and about 5 hours later, with help from many, the boat was brought to shore, pumped out and put back on the lift.

Ohh... that ever so important check list!

hunter 260

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